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Photo taken in Trilye, Turkey where Fide spent her childhood


The World of complex ideas,

different faiths,

little tolerance,

mostly, lack of complaisance

Look at the flowers with every colour,

full of love, together

flowers have easily climbed over

all the walls!

by Fide Korkmazer

One More Evening

       in the Small District

The evening cold wants us to go home

In the streets of the district,

Only dogs stay out

One more evening in the circle of time…

Who has come and gone,

Who has lived and died,

In the wooden houses of the district,

Their whispers have remained

    in the unattainable depth

    of the sky …

Photo taken in Trilye, Turkey

Wedding of the weeds

In their wedding dresses,

there is a festival of the weeds.

More independent than flowers,

they are devious and aimless;

nobody takes notice of them

and they don't care about the environment.

There is a wedding day
of the weeds in the fields:

they stretch all over the place.

Ducks on Lake

Two ducks on the lake,

one in front,

the other in back.

Light splashing sound on water,

a sweet, slight movement

little waves one after another.

Ducks follow each other...

four heads of duck on the lake,

two are real,

two are shade.

Cat Philosophy


What do you look at, stray cat?

Could you tell us about your thinking a bit?

Your world

is a garden,

a flower pot

and a stone wall.

Nobody can be  happier than you

at the time you are full

and sleeping full length.

What if you would give us some

of your philosophy of life?


Is it because you have a short life

that you shine to announce spring

with a red dress in the fields?

You bloom and suddenly fade,

tender flower of the grounds.

Photo taken in Koza Han, one of the old commercial places in Bursa

Koza Han and the Fountain


There is a square in front of 'Koza Han'

History's whisper is in the fountain,

many moments lived and yet to be lived;

where are they whose traces are on the stone walls?

Their voices are in the invisible layers of the sky

Why don't they send a message about how they are?

History’s mysteries cannot be solved

but peace is felt near the pool

and happiness rises in the public square

The water's history is older than that of 'Koza Han'

It is easy to find delight

in the fountain and the old 'Koza Han'.

The Last Frame from Fall

Trees are in their final moments

dry leaves pose stiffly on them

Fall is a song telling a story

with voices slowly disappearing

on the seasonal timeline

till the period of next year's

green turning yellow appears

The song of fall is beautiful,

the trees sing it

and the trees listen...