The Peregrine Muse

Cosmic Dust

Particles spread in the universe's galaxies,

energies to the 'nth degree,

hanging above the spiral gloom of galaxies within themselves;

a lasting impression,

the big bang is still happening,

recycled back into the black hole to begin

all over again;

cosmic dust like mega particles of energy

drift back into the universe.

Old Man Walking

He moves like a spider on the sidewalk

dashing forward with his cane,

stepping back,

becoming like a Greek riddle:

first a baby,

then a man;

then a baby again.

I watch my father's decline

like a line drawn on the sand.

Two steps forward,

two steps back.

Now he can't read this poem

lying on his bed.

He no longer cares for this world

as he waits to pass on.

The old man is walking into space.

Poetry I

Paper like canvas,

pen in hand like brush,

I stretch words like paint

into metaphor

with each stroke.

Voices of the Planet

In the winds of the planet,
our home is full of the sound of voices
crying out
music, laughter, talk in many languages.
The planet earth is a slowly dying world.

The voices of the planet
speak of global warming, deforestation, fires;
wars and famines rage on.
All around the globe
we carve our niche into earth then disappear,
all cultures that once were the voices of the planet.

Pebbles in the Sand

They rolled in motion nder the waves

Of the ocean.

Rolling out to sea,

Sand blasted smooth like eggs,

They shine all sparkly in the sunlight.

The pebbles roll in motion

Under the ocean water on the shore;

The waves jolt them up and down among

The sea shells.

The Endless Sea

Reaches from shore to shore,

Waves relentlessly spill over

Again and again

As the sun sets rising on a

Distant shore,

Around the world another time.

It is the endless sea reaching out,

Stretching the vast tide,

It can't hide any more.


Seagull's laughter
Breaks over ocean;
Waves wash shore.

Mouse sits by computer,
Quietly clicks
Then becomes silent.

Monitor rests,
Screensaver appears
Like a mirage.

Rabbit in My Garden

A rabbit sleeps in my backyard
he wakes

        yawning once, he yawns twice.

Suddenly he scurries

then stops

        shaking both paws and feet.

He grooms from front to back,

then scurries to the garden;

        gazing back, he grazes on choice grasses.

Man and Microbes

They both swarm upon the earth,
a world within a world
inside the macrocosmic universe.
They are dispersed to breed
from God's divine seed.
Like a terrarium in a fishbowl,
a baby in a bubble,
gravity like an umbilical cord draws us in.

Microbes swarm all over the planet earth,
they surge forward to the death,
on the march towards destiny:
mirror images of each other.

December Rain

Is falling and it's so cold outside,
it doesn't seem like Christmas now
as snow falls in the mountains way above.
It came when dad was ill,
the rain falling on us all.
It could have been snow instead.

Moons of Jupiter

Are gathered around
hanging in orbit,
large and small moons
reclining quietly in space
as the surface of Jupiter moves,
an ocean of gases swirling.
The moons of Jupiter
are like bobble on Jupiter's rings.

The Tail of the Comet

By the tail of the comet he flew,
strewing stars about -
one, two, three then four
and more and more
scattered across the galaxy.


Hanging like brilliant Christmas ornaments

by invisible threads, they swirl weightless

in zero gravity

The sun a bright hot spot,
the moon a luminescent dully-glowing satellite,
the blue-toned earth teeming with life

Uranus closest to being an ocean world,
Neptune close to Pluto, full of methane and nitrogen,
Venus the glowing evening star

Pluto part of Kuiper's belt,
Mars a future colony planet,
Jupiter with its many moons


Dark and distant, a mysterious
volatile mix of gases,
clouds and rings, disguise your mass.

your moons, like tilted eggs
are drawn by a sucking force,
binary perhaps.

Uranus, you await a black hole
with your five moons.

The Milky Way

In the spiral eye of the Milky Way galaxy

is a calm center

where worlds hang in balance.

Egyptian obelisks point through the eye

like a thread going through the eye of a needle;

the sun too goes through this spiral,

thread of life DNA code,

eye-hole of the molecular universal needle,

to sew the fabric of a scheme of life

inside the Milky Way's enveloping eye.

Woodland Dances

A breeze blows,

leaves scatter and begin their dancing

whirling in the breeze

then suddenly find their feet.

Trees groan and creak in concert,

leaves on the branches clash and shake like soft symbols,

flower petals blow like confetti and join the leaves.

Quail sing choruses of "Bob White" praises,

doves hum along,

birds do their courting songs

and dances in the trees.

The Veil Nebula

Dangles, opens out in space,
blue and red;
stars can be seen thoughout it.
White hot planets sizzling
in the night sky,
floating balls of fire.

Venus, the Evening Star

Venus, the evening star

shines near the moon.

In this coincidental moment

the Hale-Bopp comet is on her right

like an image of medieval magic;

signs and wonders,

an ancient celestial motif;

a common thread in a tapestry,

a line in a Baroque painting.

Venus, the evening star

shines coincidentally,

drawing a horizontal line

to a celestial event;

a bead, like many, in the globular cluster

of stars and nebulae galaxies;

deep within the shores of our solar system

Venus shines like a celestial beacon.

Beacon of Hope

On the cape a light house

wails a warning

in the blowing gales,

shining its light

to warn ships along the coast

on calm or stormy seas

not to come too close

to each other at night.

Dragon's Glen

Silent serpent of the deep

beneath the moon on Lockness,

fearsome monster of the glen

roves upon the lake.

Knights roam in its glen;

these brave, restless men

give up the fight,

scurry off in a hurry,

sounding the dragon alert.

Mysterious air surrounds

the castle on the shore,

fireless smoke or dragon's breath

shrouds the loch on dragon's glen.

Swift water rolling and rippling,

the dragon emerges or disappears

neath the loch once more.

Spring Fever

Is what I have
when I get anxious to buy flowers
and plant seeds,
my barren flower pots ready
to receive.
I no longer wait to dig
in the dirt,
I am a regular dirt dabber;
nothing feels better than the dirt
in my hands.

Blight on the Forest

Mankind is not far removed from the forest,
but he removes the forest,
and makes the forest the way he wants it to be.

Like a blight, man sends his garbage
so you cannot smell a pine tree
for the landfill in the forest
has the odor of decay.

Star Dust

We have plied our ships through

the cosmic waves,

sailed our ships among the stars.

Sent our probes to Mars,

way out among the stars.

Our ears are out among the quasars,

in the spiral of the Milky Way.

Where the satalites stay,

man dreams of future colonies;

way out among the stars.

In the cosmic bubble,

piercing the harsh realms,

figuring out the universal schemes.

We are the fixed navigators of our destinies,

we are star dust.

Sphinx II

Ancient riddle of the sand,

half lion;

half man.

Sitting watchfully over the pyramids

of Giza,

shadowed by the constellation Leo;

a mirror image by night.

The great sphinx by day greets

the rising sun,

he sits all day;

what does he think?

Moon Phase

The moon goes through its phase,

disappears, covered by the earth's shadow;

bright and shiny as a quartz pebble on a black beach;

shadow gradually covers the moon's surface,

following the moon phase in quarters.

The Life of a Tree

The winds blow a tiny spore,

it catches in the breeze

and weaves its way down;

lands on the ground.

Trampled underfoot,

it takes root,

a tiny shoot heaving up the soil

after spring rains.

Two leaves reach out,

like children to father sun,

grow strong and straight,

branch out.

A Crocodile Alibi

How cunning the remorse in her tears she cries,

such skill she applies with sincerity;

a crocodile with an alibi could never be so sincere,

she cries and draws her believers in;

devours their trust as she rolls around in delight,

for they must trust and believe her lies;

there is no other truth.

Beyond the Stars

Beyond the stars,

beyond the constellations;

what dreams are lying there.

Among the telescoping eye of Hubble,

the wonders that we share.

Marvels of the universe,

the accomplishments of man

can not compare.

From the shores of the earth,

into the glaxy of our birth.

Joanne Tolson, from Morehead City , North Carolina, has been writing poetry since 1992. She began serious writing as a means "to restore dialogue between both hemispheres of my brain" following a severe blow to the back of her head. Joanne writes science fiction and detective stories as well, and also works in the restaurant business. She also has a web magazine, WeirdWorldWebzine, dedicated to science fiction, mythology and the fantastique (please check it out). Joanne is a descendant of English settlers and Native Americans who lived on the outer banks of North Carolina on Portsmouth Island.

Poetry of Joanne Tolson