The Peregrine Muse


The Cat

In the evening

at a cold bus-stop

a huge cat

inside darkness

drank my whole love

I am his fur

I hugged, I did not give up

the clouds were divided

as if they would suffice to earth

his roof was of his ears

his house was of his paws

his concern and joy

was the place of the world

where nobody lived

and there

I embraced him

with all my arms


Nights are for entering nothingness

my body is like

                an open door

to it

I have things to tell you

             a well deep I am

while looking at you

one by one there are flames

              when I put you away

                    -out of my mind

earth is like this

in the mouth of people

there are words

                     inside words

there is loneliness

I am a cold dream

If I take myself away from this world

                                         -if I take-

                                 where should I put it?

I Move the Earth in My Eyes

I wish I had toes to go away from this world

whose tongue were I

                                  when I lived

every breath was a waste in my mouth

I came and learnt

wisdom of living -how-

my humanity piled up in poetry

in the emptiness of words

                      which shine like mirror

whose tongue were I

-with myself-  when I lived

no mother has ever protected me

from this world


The Sleep of Adam

My body, a cup into which I pour my tears

how long will nobody be with me

words cannot reflect what I feel

words rule over me

the beginning of everything is reason

-the end of everything is pain-

Oh people who move from a dream

                               into earth

here is a desert where

                               sand w a v e s

It is time I should be given birth

-so that a crooked rib be on earth-

which man will break me off his body?

I Did  Not Come into the World

Neither I had a mother

nor I was a mother

                          of a child

I did not come into the world

my lovers were husbands of others

I could not complete

                                a half

I  leaned over words

so that they see the poverty

that melts

I could not find any human-being

everybody is gnawing on

                                    my pain

I decreased myself

I do not want to be more

                     than any reason

Maybe I Have Dropped

There, in that basket

remains that I walked


is the crust that you scattered within you

there are candies of earth

earth itself is a candy

it melts, your legs get wrapped around

to pass on all the ways

over all the roads

of childhood

a tree stands in its place with all its branches

but where is my childhood?

By the Voice of an Unborn Child

My eyes are closed

with my body  that sucked

                        light of darkness

                        here I am sleeping

I do not know my body yet

                     which curls like a snake

a shadow within

a human within

memories of future is in my mind

somebody will come

                        and take me to the world

I suppose

                               to that neverworld

to that cosmic wound

                             to that green time

when words are shepherds

                            here every sleep is morning

no eyes

                     this trip which goes


     a dream bell jar

here like a brooch attached to a women's heart

     I am standing

- as if a woman left me I am sleeping -

                            my mind does not have thought

                                         nor my heart has feeling

walls of my room is my second skin

as I am here without father

                           I play with

                                          my toy-god

I am one of the people who are invited to the world

this womb cellar in which I stay

                                   like a pot

telling me what it is going to tell

                                   by its shadows

I have heard I have so much time to go to the world!


There is nobody within night

this white wall  to which I touch with my voice

                                    darkness is like a ball of string

                                    filling inside me

there is nobody within night

my body is dead which likes to rivive

my light wrecked darkness

                          they call it world

      the things which

                 head for me without stop

I cared for the bees of silence

night and day

            my ears are walls that does not let

the world in

I wiped the glass of my heart

          in my body just it leaves stains

it was heart 

                     whatever it showed was time!

I was naked here

              where light peels off

                                      my skin

this world where I came

               as if I wanted to be a child

                              of a women who never gave birth

                                                                     -is step


They carried my heart and left here all together

                                                             with its sand

the weather is so calm

                        that the birds of silence are rising

let no light but darkness be

      so that we can close the eyes that want to be open

did not the one who gave birth to us

also give birth to our pain?

                        -indeed which motherhood is holy?-

they left me here

                   looking at sand

                                     like an hill

if my skin had remained in my mother

I would never ask anything from her

Müesser Yeniay was born in İzmir, Turkey. Her poetry is widely published internationally in a variety of media (details here), as well as in solo collections. Müesser is the editor of the literary magazine Şiirden and is currently working on her Phd in Turkish literature at Bilkent University, Ankara. She is a member of PEN and the Writers Syndicate of Turkey.

Poetry of Müesser Yeniay